7 Questions Your Cat Might Ask on National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

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Your cat has questions. Problem is, you don’t speak “meow.” In honor of National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, what do you think your cat wants to know?

Here’s our take.

7 Questions We Think Cats May Ask

Cats are great at body language, and you’re probably clear on your cat’s desires…most of the time. But what about those times when you’re just not communicating? Here are a few questions we think a lot of cats have about life with humans.

Question 1: Why do you keep petting me after I’ve told you to stop?

I like being petted, but I have my limits. Or in case you didn’t understand my body language, a twitching tail and sideways ears means, “I’m done. Please stop.” I can’t be blamed if there’s a scratch or bite that follows my warning!

A Good Answer from You

Sorry, kitty. I know now! I’ll keep an eye out for those signs that you’d like your space.

Question 2: Why can’t I have fish at every meal?

I appreciate the occasional tuna juice you give me, but I want my own piece. Fish oil is good for me. It makes my coat soft and improves my brain functions. Plus, I like fish. Like, a lot!

A Good Answer from You

Oh kitty, too much can make you sick! Let’s talk with the veterinarian about treats and snacks that are good for you and can keep you happy.

Question 3: Why do you get upset about me jumping on the counter (or table?)

A cat on a table

First off, let’s look at facts. I can jump up there, and I like having the advantage of height. It keeps me out of reach of the dog, plus, you have tasty food there (like fish.) If you really don’t want me on the counter, then give me another high place where I can retreat but still be close to you.

Answer 3

OK. We don’t want your fur in our food. Why don’t we make another place where you can sit, like this shelf or a new cat tree?

Question 4: Why do you yell at me when I sharpen my claws on the big fluffy scratching post you call a couch?

I like to stretch my paws wide, and sometimes my claws catch. Then, I realize it feels so good to stretch. And I can do it while sitting next to you, so that’s a win. Confession: sometimes, when you’re not around, I scratch it to relieve stress. Sorry. Not sorry.

Answer 4

The furniture is expensive. When you scratch it, you ruin it. Here’s proper a scratching post. I’ll even put some treats on it to encourage you to use the post instead of the furniture!

Question 5: Why do you insist on combing me?

I don’t like it, and I can groom myself. Do you see my tail twitching?

Answer 5

Do you see how much fur comes off of you when I comb you? That’s fur that doesn’t coat the furniture, or my clothes, or the floor. I’ll try to keep brushing sessions a bit shorter, and I’ll reward you with chin scratches or treats!

Question 6: Why do you take so many pictures of me?

Cats and camera

Sleeping, stretching, playing, cleaning my toes...all of these are all photo opportunities to you. But I’m just living my life. Why so many pictures?

Answer 6

Kitty, you’re cute. And we need to have our own cat photos to post on #catsofinstagram. Do you know you’re up 150 followers? How about I turn off the camera flash and sounds?

Question 7: Why do I have to split your love and attention with the dog?

Actually, why do we have a dog?

Answer 7

We like the dog. You’ll have to learn to get along. But as a family, we pledge to keep an eye out for signs of stress and make sure that you have plenty of space. If need be, we’ll talk with the vet about ways to help you two share the household happily.

You and your cat might have many, many more questions, and you’re always welcome to ask us! Please feel free to reach out on Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day -- or any day!



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