Helpful Links

American Veterinary Medical Association
Recalls, medical and industry news, health topics

Companion Animal Parasite Council
Intestinal Parasite Maps and Information

Heartworm Society
Heartworm information for dogs and cats

Pet Obesity Prevention
Weight loss tools, calorie charts, and more!

Veterinary Oral Health Council
Dental health and VOHC approved dental health products

Veterinary Partner
Accurate medical information written for clients

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Shelter
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Shelter - operated by CMPD

Petfinder: Pet Adoptions
Adoptable pets available nationwide

Union County Animal Shelter
Union County Animal Shelter - Operated by Sheriff's Dept.

Indoor Pet Initiative
Tips for keeping indoor pets stimulated and healthy (especially cats)

Spay and Neuter Information
The importance of spay/neuter

After hours emergencies - Charlotte / Cotswald
Charlotte Area Referral and Emergency (CARE) - 704-457-2300

After hours emergencies - Stallings/Matthews
Carolina Veterinary Specialists 704-815-3939

ASPCA – poison control information
The nationwide leader in pet poison care with veterinarians on staff 24 hours a day and a large database of pet poison outcome