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It was awesome!

“It was awesome!”

It was the best camp ever!

“It was the best camp ever!”

Vet camp is my favorite camp in the world!

“Vet camp is my favorite camp in the world!”

Puppy and kitten playtime was the best!

“Puppy and kitten playtime was the best!”

I learned so much about animals and how to care for them.

“I learned so much about animals and how to care for them.”

I want to go back next year!

“I want to go back next year!”

He talked every day about what he learned

“He talked every day about what he learned. He said the vet camp shirt is his favorite shirt because of the memories it holds.”

My daughters loved this camp

“My daughters loved this camp. I think it's the best camp they've ever attended and they've been to a lot of camps.”

My daughter learned a lot

“My daughter learned a lot and was excited to go back each day. She has said she wanted to be a veterinarian from the time she was 3. Attending this camp just reinforced to her that goal.”

Brent M.

“The best vets in the world, they really do treat you like family. Have been so good to my 2 pups and I recommend them to everyone. ”

—Brent M.

Ann T.

“I have been bringing my pets to ITAH since 1993. The service and care have always been excellent.”

—Ann T.

Denise S.

“We love you guys! Awesome all the way around! ”

—Denise S.


“Have been with Dr. Kaylor for years, wouldn't go anywhere else.”


Joyce S.

“The office staff and Dr. Wolfe are awesome as is Kelly, the groomer!”

—Joyce S.

Vickie M.

“Best vet in town! I would not take my dogs anywhere else.”

—Vickie M.

Nicole E.

“The staff is so nice and friendly. It is the greatest place, they treat your fur baby like their own. I am a customer for life.”

—Nicole E.

Katie C.

“I just want to say thank you for the love and care you give our 3 dogs and cat. When we moved up here four years ago we visited three different vets, and Indian Trail Animal Hospital won hands down. We use your facility for every need possible including vet visits, grooming, and boarding and our trust in you is something every pet owner loves. We don't know what we would do without all of you.”

—Katie C.

Ginnie B.

“Indian Trail Animal Hospital is place to go... They treat our precious furry pets with lots of love and care!! They are all very knowledgeable and give great advice on the care of the pets!!! I have been going for the last 12 years and could not be more pleased with their services! YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!”

—Ginnie B.

Jeannie C.

“Absolutely love this place! Dr. Wolfe is so gentle and loving with both of my dogs (a boxer and an elderly Great Dane). She always looks for the least expensive way for treatment as well which shows the REAL care they have. Wouldn't EVER take them or any future animals anywhere else! Thank you for everything you all do!”

—Jeannie C.

Kristine S.

“I have been taking my pets to ITAH for over 13 years before the new DVM' s took over the clinic. I have to say I am so very pleased with the new DVM's and management. The clinic is beautiful and the staff is attentive, compassionate, friendly and helpful. When we were losing our boxer, Reese, Dr. Tabony was in continuous contact with us and very supportive. Dr. Wolfe was with us as she crossed the rainbow bridge and I could not ask for a more supportive, patient and understanding person. We now have Zoey...a crazy little girl and we continue to get supportive care and advice. ”

—Kristine S.

Scott H.

“All the vets at ITAH are exceptional. Drs. Wolfe, Tabony, and Kaylor are amazing. Their bedside manner and compassion for animals is truly comforting. I trust ITAH fully with my animals.”

—Scott H.

Dawn G.

“We just love everyone there at ITAH and they always take good care of our beloved dogs. Dr. Kaylor has always made himself available to answer all my crazy questions and never makes me feel crazy for asking them! Dr. Wolfe is outstanding and always thorough. Dr. Tabony gives good advice and good reasons why vaccinations and dental care are so important. The staff at the front desk are always friendly and helpful. The Vet Techs are superstars! ”

—Dawn G.

Jason S.

“Dr. Kaylor and the staff there show excellent care and attention to you and your animal.”

—Jason S.

Red B.

“Our toy Australian Shepherd was seen by a Matthews vet in May for a 1" swollen ball on the side of his face. It was quickly dismissed as a bee sting. I had noticed also that our usually ebullient little guy seemed depressed but attributed it to our transfer from WA. Well the swelling finally did go down and I thought nothing more of it until he was later diagnosed during a routine visit [at ITAH] for his shots with a broken, abscessed tooth. I was horrified as I realized that my boy had been in pain for over a month and a half. Needless to say Dr. Tabony's thoroughness and demonstrable care for my boy has made her our doctor for life.”

—Red B.

Stefanie C.

“Dr. Gawel was so great with Dexter! He was very gentle and calming and took his time with the exam to help keep Dexter as stress free as possible”

—Stefanie C.

Debra A.

“We especially love Dr. Tabony and the care she has always given our beloved pets, but ALL of the vets and staff are the best at Indian Trail Animal Hospital. Very caring, kind, and pet loving people. Wouldn't go anywhere else, and always recommend them to anyone needing vet care. ”

—Debra A.

Sue B.

“My girls (Lucy and Bailey) get the best care when I take them to Indian Trail Animal Hospital. Dr. Tabony is extremely caring and explains thing with great detail and gives me all the options. Bailey recently had some tummy issues and I was amazed that the Dr. called to make sure she was okay! The entire team is always pleasant and caring as well. Highly recommend this wonderful Vet.”

—Sue B.